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For Details on Sahi Updates, Contact: Ms. Divya Rose: +971-7-2268302
For Details on Sahi Updates, Contact: Mr. Saday Kumar: +971-554064817
Screening in RAK Academy for full school completed. Total 3000 students screened.





Sahi (from the local dialect صاحي meaning healthy) is a non profit school health programme in Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates initiated in 2011 in collaboration with Arabian Healthcare group, and the pilot was implemented in September 2012.

Its objectives, services and themes are to promote preventive health services, and improve and promote health and safety related attributes and behaviors in schools.

It will also provide health screenings, health reports, health education‎ workshops, and individual and/or family counselling.

The programme is run by the Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management, a division of Arabian Healthcare Group and the medical side of the programme is supported by the staff from RAK Hospital. To know about Arabian Wellness, please visit the website.


We also organize the SAHI Inter School Sports Tournaments between the various schools of Ras al Khaimah. 



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