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Screening in RAK Academy for full school completed. Total 3000 students screened.



  • Will there be more literature and presentations in Arabic?

    Yes. We’re in the process of translating ALL documents, letters, educational materials and the SAHI Website into Arabic also. We are in the process of producing parent presentations that will also be delivered in Arabic. Emails sent in Arabic will be responded to in Arabic.


  • What do I need to do to sign up for SAHI?

    To sign up for SAHI programme. All you need to do is approach the principal/administration of your school and ask about the SAHI programme. It comes at a fee of AED 100 per child. From which we conduct health screening, health education classes & sports activities for all the registered students.


  • What specific types of health problems will the screening’s identify?

    The screenings are targeted at mainly lifestyle disorders that occur early in children and the focus is on prevention and not on diagnosis and treatment. However, certain conditions that occur commonly in children can be picked up through this process.  

    Conditions like, Obesity, Nutritional disorders, Fitness issues, altered Vital signs, Raised blood pressure, Vision and Hearing problems, Dental problems etc. may be picked up.


  • Parents may get a second opinion … have the consequences of this been considered by the SAHI medical team?

    SAHI encourages parents do this since it would mean they take the program seriously, and are concerned about their child’s overall health. Screening tests are designed to have high sensitivity and low specificity, so the final opinion will always have to be given by the family physician or paediatrician is the preferred person for this.


  • Will parents who wish to be present be allowed?

    Yes of course, we would in fact like to encourage parent volunteers. We would encourage when appropriate, parents, students and teachers to get involved and be acknowledged for their support in the program.


  • Can we use our Medical Insurance cards to pay for the screenings, the same way as we do when visiting RAK Hospital?

    No, SAHI is a program developed to prevent health problems occurring. Through education and health screenings we will start with a full health report and continued health education and campaigns throughout the year.  


  • What is RAK Hospital’s involvement in the Program?

    RAK Hospital has offered their expertise and support to SAHI. We will work in collaboration to promote health and wellness in the community. They will provide the medical staff in each needed area of expertise. Without using local hospital staff and heavily subsidized rates we would not be able to conduct this program at the low cost we have been able to.


  • Who is responsible for the SAHI School Health Program?

    SAHI is a non for profit organization owned by Arabian Health Care and is being supported by medical doctors and specialists from the RAK hospital.


  • What information is contained in the Health report?

    The assessment, findings, advice in relation to Ailments, Dental, ENT, Eyes, Diet, Exercise, Stress and Health Behavior will be contained in the health report.


  • Who has access to the Childs Health report?

    Each FULL report comes with a unique ID and is accessible only by Child/Parent. A brief un-detailed summery will be given to the school to help in identifying problem areas as a whole school (statistics).


  • Who chooses the health experts?

    The Arabian Health Care who are the main supports of the program have decided to depute health experts from among the Doctors and specialists from RAK hospital.


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