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Screening in RAK Academy for full school completed. Total 3000 students screened.

Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management



The Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management Company specializes in evaluating Health and incorporating Lifestyle change in order to alleviate ailments amongst employees in a workplace.

With decades of experience, we at Arabian Wellness create, implement, and manage comprehensive work place health practices through programs customized specifically for each organization. Our Corporate Healthcare Plan provides a one-stop solution to address the healthcare needs of organizations, which includes both individual and group solutions.

Studies show that the return on investment in Corporate Health and Wellness initiative include increased productivity, improved employee morale, reduced healthcare costs and reduced absenteeism. The key to success in Corporate Wellness is not merely medical and illness support but through preventive care, focus on diet and nutrition; exercise & fitness and stress reduction. This path leads to Lifestyle changes and enables all employees reach their full wellness potential.

The Good Health Book will guide the individual on the path to total health. Please visit the site and go through the Good Health Book.

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