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Screening in RAK Academy for full school completed. Total 3000 students screened.

Sahi is very proud to be the Ras Al Khaimah representatives for Buckle Up In The Back

SAHI Team has been trained over many months by Lesley.The Campaign details and the message are exactly as Lesley has taught us and will not be modified by SAHI.

The only extra that we have been able to add with her permission, is that we are delivering the Buckle Up In The Back Message in Arabic also.

What is it all about?:

Lesley Cully is the founder and set up the campaign in May 2010 after seeing too many children travelling without proper restraint in the back of cars.  Lesley has 2 children and would never put them at risk by not buckling them up.

Her belief is that there should be a 3 way approach to make a change and that is:


1) Have the seatbelt law introduced for anyone travelling in the back of a vehicle

2) Proper enforcement of the law 

3) Continued educational awareness in schools and nurseries to explain the reasoning behind Buckle Up.


There is no single company behind Buckle Up - the message needs to be spread as far as possible.  This is a completely non-profit awareness campaign which relies on supporters for promotional materials.  

Buckle Up is something Lesley does in her spare time so to try and make a difference. 


Please do join the campaign on Facebook.  Have a look at the work Buckle Up does in schools and nurseries, browse the photo albums and see who supports the campaign - together, we CAN make a difference!


Email Lesley:

Lesley Cully, Founder


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